ABN AMRO Pushes Circular Economy

As a lead partner on the topic of Circularity at WeMakeThe.City, ABN AMRO has the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with a broad target group: on circular building, circular procurement and all the effects formulated in our ambitions of Mission 2030. In addition, they present a broader vision of circularity on the issues that have arisen as a result of, among other things, the growth of the world population and climate change.

ABN AMRO wants to be the action leader and initiate change in these companies through leading by example. With the construction of the circular pavilion Circl at the bank’s headquarters in Amsterdam, ABN AMRO has gained hands-on experience in circular construction and sustainable use of real estate. Building Circl has also changed ABN AMRO’s procurement processes. Within the Procurement Department, the bank is now more focused on circular procurement.

 ABN AMRO wants to guide the transition to a more circular economy. Companies taking the plunge and adopting a circular business model will be provided by the bank with support and new financing models. By 2020, the bank wishes to finance circular business assets of one billion euros through at least 100 deals across all sectors. The total reduction of emissions is to be at least one million tonnes of CO2.

By connecting and sharing knowledge to create an impact with clients and interested parties. By doing so, ABN AMRO helps Dutch companies make the most of the opportunities the circular economy has to offer. ABN AMRO experiments with circular projects, funding, business models and pricing. The bank connects various parties and shares its knowledge by means of industry publications, whitepapers, client workshops, events and tours at the Circl.

The circular pavilion CIRCL on the Gustav Mahler square will be the festival center at the Zuidas. On June 21, it will host the conference The City As a Source and The City As a Service as well as a programme on circular building and buying. Friday, June 22 companies and locals will meet to discuss the future developments at the Zuidas, the opening of the art route GET LOST will take place and there will be late night dancing at the green roof of CIRCL during the ROEF festival. The weekend’s packed with public activities, such as screenings on sustainability, a programme for the youth, architectural cycling tours and art walks.