Anni Sinnemäki

Anni Sinnemäki is deputy mayor of Helsinki, being responsible for real estate and city planning. From 2017 onwards she’s the deputy mayor for Urban Environment. She pushes for public transport; in 2020 an autonomous bus line will be piloted as part of the FABULOS project which focuses on how cities can use self-driving minibusses in a systemic way, which should stimulate people swapping their cars for public transport.

Anni Sinnemäki was elected to the Finnish parliament in 1999 and was the Minister for Labour from 2009 to 2011. In 2009 she was also chosen to be the chairwoman of the Green League. She as also been a member of the city council of Helsinki since 2004. She studied Russian literature, wrote two collections of poetry and lyrics for the band Ultra Bra. Her biggest political disappointment is the decision on nuclear power in 2002.

Sinnemäki is one of the speakers at Co-Creating the City on Thursday, 21 June.