Art on the Streets in the New West District


Street Art Museum Amsterdam (SAMA) creates, explores, documents and preserves the growing democratic movement of Street Art and is one of the first recognized street art museums in the world. Featuring over 150 works, SAMA’s collection is ever-growing; frequently introducing internationally acclaimed artists to Amsterdam Nieuw-West’s streets. All works are site-specific, each with a story to tell. From the colossal work of Stinkfish , to the small Woodies by BunnyBrigade; SAMA’s collection is a collection worth seeing.

During the weekend of WeMakeThe.City, guided tours through the SAMA collection takes you to the green belts and along the blue canals of Nieuw-West. Local guides will show you around through museum’s collection and share the stories behind each artwork. Based on experience we have prepared a small menu of available street art experiences and your alternative visit to Amsterdam.