Image Amber Jae Slooten

Bos en Lommerplein will be WOW-ed in a spectacular fashion


WOW Amsterdam will transform the Bos en Lommerplein in Amsterdam-West on Sunday, June 24: the market square will become a futuristic, sustainable fashion spectacle. With workshops and all kinds of activities for all ages, aiming to create awareness for the urgent need for making the fashion industry sustainable. So, bring your clothing and some (plastic) bags for upgrading or a make-over. You could upcycle your old T-shirt with some litter, plastic packaging or plastic bags from your local supermarket.  

Dye your T-shirt a beautiful Indigo using natural coloring, ask the stylist for some custom recycle advice and join the big cloth swap event. 

The exhibition will teach you everything on the future of fashion, the latest news on fashion and technology and the opportunities of virtual fashion and augmented reality. And about the mindset needed for change. How do you change your buying behavior? How do you adjust your choice of clothing? And which item will you pick for a long-term relationship?

There will be input from fashion designers such as Linda Plaude, Amber Jae Slooten, Lisa Konno, Timna Weber, Schepers Bosman and Eduardo Leon (Avoidstreet, Ready to Wear for Pedestrians).

The whole event will be dressed up culinary with delicious organic bites and juices. The closing ceremony will be a spectacular fashion show on a catwalk with an important role for the audience because it’s all about changing perspectives.