Dan Hill

Dan Hill is a designer, urbanist, and professor with a holistic approach to design which he uses for transformations in the city. He is also Mayors of London Design Advocate, helping the mayor of London to design successful, inclusive and sustainable places in the city. 

Dan Hill is a Visiting Professor at IIPP, an Associate Director at Arup, and Head of Arup Digital Studio, a multidisciplinary design team based in London.

He’s a designer and urbanist, and produced innovative, influential projects and organisations. They range across built environment (Arup in Australia, Future Cities Catapult in UK), education and research (Fabrica in Italy), government and social innovation (SITRA in Finland), and media (BBC and Monocle in UK). Each time he managed to achieve a positive transformation via digital technology and a holistic approach to design.

He has lived and worked in UK, Australia, Finland and Italy. He started his career working on the urban regeneration of Manchester. After that he worked on city strategy and urban development projects worldwide.

He was the Sir Banister Fletcher visiting professor at The Bartlett School of Architecture, and he is an adjunct professor at RMIT University in Melbourne and UTS in Sydney.

He wrote ‘Dark Matter & Trojan Horses: A Strategic Design Vocabulary’, and published in books, journals, magazines, and on websites. He has produced the groundbreaking and highly influential weblog City of Sound since 2001.

Hill is a speaker at the conference ‘Together – Strategies on How to Make the City of Tomorrow’ on June 20.