Festive Pre-launch of WMTC on 26 April

Don’t miss the festive pre-launch of WeMakeThe.City. On Thursday 26 April we invited  some of the initiators to share a preview of the extensive programme. More speakers, conferences and other special events will be announced every week.

Up Close and Liveable presents urban professionals from around the world discussing hot topics: how can we learn from each other’s cities?

During WeMakeThe.City dozens of conferences will take place. Edwin Oskam from the Amsterdam Economic Board will talk about State of the Region. Director of Amsterdam Creative Industries Matthijs ten Berge will explain more about the conference We Charge the City, while Marleen Stikker, founder of De Waag, will shed light on Next Generation Cities (Strategies for Inclusive Digital Transformation) and Smart Mobility Manager Tijs Roelofs will elaborate on Smart Mobility. Eric van der Kooij from Amsterdam Municipality gets in-depth on Up Close and Liveable and will also provide a sneak preview of an extraordinary maquette exhibition at the NDSM wharf.

There will be Skype talks with New York-based designer Toni L. Griffin on Creating the City and with architect Moriko Kira in Tokyo on New Tokyo Story.

Sustainable initiatives

One of the hot topics at WeMakeThe.City is the sustainable city. Multiple initiatives are dealing with this issue in innovative ways. Pauline Westendorp, for instance, talks about emission-free ambitions for Project02025 and Jesse Jorg demonstrates how ROEF-festival can take sustainability to a higher level. More on the subject will be brought by Dennis de Waart, founder of DAKKASHaarlem and Chris Monaghan, creative director at Metabolic.

M-ODE envisions a sustainable future for the fashion industry through the event We Make M-ODE


We will give you some insight into the special events at WeMakeThe.City. Iris Ruisch will give a heads up on her initiative We Make M-ODE, a five-day event on sustainability, innovation, and healthy entrepreneurship. Part of the event is a fashion spectacle at the Bos and Lommer square, organised by WOW Amsterdam. WOW’s head of cultural programming, Marlies Buurman shares more details. Sietske Roorda and Ceciel Mullens Wentgens take us on some of the art routes of Public Art Amsterdam, like Pay Attention Please! and Get Lost.

The pre-launch takes place on 26 April at  Pakhuis de Zwijger, from 5 to 7 pm. We’d love to see you there.