Fun- and Food-filled Day at Artists’ Nieuw en Meer

Open house

The artists’ community Nieuw en Meer, at the lake Nieuwe Meer, will open its doors on Saturday, June 23. Expect exhibitions, workshops, music, edible flowers and books for free. Visitors can also visit the Relics Museum and several studios.

The one-day exhibition Vensters (Windows) about nature and technology, will provide a lecture, challenging music and a meal made from homegrown products. You can sign up for this free meal at [email protected]. If you’d rather move, you can sign up at [email protected] for the Workshop World fitness Holistic Dance. A lot of words for a variety of moves (on music) and inspiration from around the world.

Canteen De Zeemeermin Zonder Hoofd (The Headless Mermaid) serves snacks, wine, local beer and music by Martin van Leusden and Paul Nassenstein & Guests, from 3 pm onwards. There will be more food at Ogentroost, an Amsterdam catering collective, cooking with edible flowers which are grown at the gardens on site. You can also visit Art4ARtbnb, a small camping where you can stay the night and enjoy an artist’s breakfast, go on a guided tour and have a look at all the artists’ studios. 

Admission is free, but there will be a fee for the dance workshop and food and drinks.