The City is Growing. Join the Development of Neighbourhoods and Areas!

How do we make safe, liveable and sustainable neighbourhoods together? Who are the ones thinking, designing and developing?

What role do the government, project developers, current and new residents and entrepreneurs play in the development process?

Friday 22 June, we focus on the area development in Amsterdam, highlighting the neighbourhoods and areas that are in the middle of full-fledged urban development. Just one example is the Hamerstraat area along the North bank of the IJ River. This former industrial site is being redeveloped into an area designed for living and working. The Sloterdijk business park is another example of an area being transformed into a place where businesses, housing, bars, restaurants and recreation co-exist. What choices are involved in such a redevelopment? Who makes the decisions? And how do we maintain the right balance?

Not only the existing areas are under scrutiny. New development areas bring along their own set of challenges. Districts such as the Port of Amsterdam and Sluisbuurt, areas where over 40,000 houses will be built over the coming years. How do we make these areas sustainable, accessible, and safe?

What significance do placemaking and co-creation have in the development process? And how do physical developments relate to the infrastructural and social elements?

On Friday, experts and professionals from different backgrounds will move into the city on an expedition to more than 30 different development areas throughout the city and region such as the Zuidas, Bajeskwartier, Buiksloterham, and IJburg. After the expeditions, the experts will tackle the various challenges that each of these areas are faced with when being redeveloped.