HvA Examins and Educates the City

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) is hard to overlook in the city, with its more than 45 thousand students. Even more so since HvA chose the City as a major theme for education and research, a few years ago. HvA will function as a programme partner on the big urban and societal issues at WeMakeThe.City, with disciplines such as Urban Management, Urban Vitality, Urban Technology and Urban Analytics, and several research fields of the lectors.

A large group of students of HvA will visit the neighborhoods and boroughs on Wednesday, June 20 for a WeMakeThe.City survey, posing the key question: What kind of city do we want to live, reside and work in? Students will also take part in all of the themeĀ and area programmes on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 June. The lectors and researchers contribute to the theme programmes with their specific tasks and will present research findings of projects and living labs.