Marleen Stikker

Marleen Stikker is co-founder and director of the Waag Society in Amsterdam, a cultural research and innovation center. It develops new media applications for societal domains like education, health, and arts. It launched startups like Fairphone. Stikker is actively involved in the Open Design and Creative Commons movement.

Stikker is setting the pace for experimental internet and new media. She co-founded the Digital City in 1993 and the Society for Old and New Media in 1994, later to become Waag Society. She created the first free access portal and virtual community on the internet.

She was part of the Amsterdam Telematics Council and a board member of the Virtual Platform, an expertise center for e-culture. She organises, among many other things, PICNIC, the Amsterdam Cross Media week.

Stikker is an advisor of the Policy Stategy Group of the European Commission.

She is a speaker at Setting the Urban Agenda of Tomorrow on Wednesday, June 20.