Pay Attention Please!


Wander around the Zuidas, be surprised in New West, get acquainted with the many faces of North, explore the East, roam the wharf of NDSM, and check out the Red Light District from a different point of view.

11 leading Amsterdam art institutions are joining forces and showcasing the richness of the Amsterdam public space during the manifestation Pay Attention Please! in the summer of 2018. Over the past decennia the public space of Amsterdam – the space we share together – has changed significantly. Ambitious new build projects, tourism, and economic activity have transformed the face of Amsterdam for good. But not everyone is aware of Amsterdam's long and exciting tradition of art in and for the public domain. Every neighborhood has its own classics, which are sometimes cherished and sometimes debated by its locals. These works are the artist's response to the changing world they live in. They invite you to discover the stories of Amsterdam and look at society from a different angle. Pay Attention Please! is an exhibition of existing and new (temporary) works of art and interventions in public space. The works are presented through an inspiring public program, consisting of walking routes, stories, lectures and performances. More than just an exhibition, it is also a way to experience the city of Amsterdam in a new and surprising manner.

SAVE THE DATE: Festive opening weekend June 21-24

Pay Attention Please! is organized by Public Art Amsterdam, an initiative by CBK Zuidoost, De Appel, Framer Framed, GET LOST- art route, Frankendael Foundation, LAPS-Rietveld, Stichting NDSM Werf, Oude Kerk Amsterdam, P///akt, Stedelijk Museum and TAAK.

Public Art Amsterdam is a biennial manifestation in the Amsterdam public space. ‘Pay Attention Please!’ is the first edition.
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