Maak sleutelhangers uit restmaterialen

Urban Special

Workshop sleutelhangers maken van restmaterialen uit het atelier

Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts is an inspiring place in the center of Amsterdam. The grand building houses a large studio for handmade shoes, bags and other leather products, a beautiful exhibition space and a garden. Jouw stoute schoenen is the main tenant of the large studio, but independent outsider artist can also find a spot here. The flexible workspaces are being let to all kinds of freelancers. 

During WeMakeThe.City you can make your own keychain from waste materials from the art studio. 

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Image: Workshop Sleutelhangers maken van restleer © Esther van Schagen, 2018. Courtesy of Amsterdam House of Arts and Crafts.

Sunday 24 June

15:00 - 16:30

Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts (Oudeschans 21, Amsterdam Centrum)

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