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A Blueprint for Toads and Snakes - Framer Framed

The work of Sammy Baloji (b. 1978, Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo) deals with the cultural, social, architectural and industrial heritage of his home country Congo. In a range of works including photography, film, drawing, installation and archival material, Baloji explores the histories, present-day realities and contradictions inherent in the formation of Congo in general, and Katanga specifically: the resource-rich region of the Democratic Republic of Congo which contains staggering amounts of mineral deposits, the exploitation of which has marked the country historically and presently. The exhibition emphasises the calculated urban planning and overall segregation implemented by the Belgian colonial rule, and how their imposition is at the heart of current ongoing ethnic tensions, urban segregations and mineral extraction.

Sunday 24 June

17:00 - 19:30

Framer Framed (IJpromenade 2, Amsterdam)

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