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About the adaptive developments of Marineterrein Amsterdam

The Marineterrein, still partly military, will become a future-proof city district featuring open innovation, accessible and flexible living and working spaces, unique housing, sports, recreation, and greenery. During Inside Out Marineterrein Thijs Meijer, deputy director of Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam, offers a look behind the scenes of this fascinating process. 

The Marineterrein will be developed progressively and experimentally. This means research will be carried out to determine which activities will make the biggest contribution to the defined goals. The companies and organizations located at the Marineterrein must therefore demonstrate their ability to innovate and their willingness to share knowledge. This is a different approach than traditional zoning plans, which have clear results in mind. The Dutch government and the municipality have opted for this organic (or adaptive) approach because it makes it possible to respond flexibly to new insights and future challenges.

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Friday 22 June

15:30 - 16:45

Marineterrein, Gebouw 001 (Kattenburgerstraat 7, Amsterdam Centrum)

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