Moving Amsterdam Zuidoost: Mapping the Imaginary

Urban Conference

An exhibition about the story of Amsterdam Zuidoost

Working at the HvA Fraijlemaborg for the past two years have brought the members of the research group Cities & Visitors: Moving Amsterdam Zuidoost to the conclusion that most of the people visiting, working and studying at the campus were lacking a notion of where they were. This has led them to believe that Zuidoost needs to be put on the map in a more prominent way, and they want to be a part of that process. 

Their aim is to contribute to improving the image of the neighbourhood as a more attractive place for residents and visitors alike, and to do so in a positive, beneficial way by emphasizing the already existing unique identities of ZO, as opposed to a top-down product of a master plan. 

Currently, they are building a prototype of a physical map that will depict not only the physical spaces but also the ideas that have been emerging from this area over the last decades. As an educational research institution, they are doing this by connecting a variety of compelling initiatives coming from the area (such as Metrobios, Imagine IC, Bijlmer Parktheater, OCMA, Bijlmer Museum, World of Food, Johan Cruijff Arena, etc.). 

They invite you to embark on this journey with them by visiting their exhibition where they will share the story of Zuidoost thus far, and introduce you to their current mapping activities

13:30 Opening Doors Zuid Serre, Fraijlemaborg 133
Exhibition, presentations

15:30 Welcome speech by program leader for the tour participants
followed by various speakers

16:30 Borrel 

This activity is free of charge.

Image: Moving Amsterdam Zuidoost © Diana Müller.

Friday 22 June

13:00 - 18:00

HvA Fraijlemaborg, Zuid Serre (Fraijlemaborg 133, Amsterdam Zuidoost)

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