Visit A Lab, a Living City Lab

During WeMakeThe.City, A Lab will be buzzing with activities, organised by its members. On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June, you can visit a theatre or dance performance at the former Shell lab, have a look at the Vertical Farm and taste some new types of lettuce, or get inspired by music lessons!

A Lab is a living lab, fusing the power of the Amsterdam creative scene, technological talent, and an unconventional spirit in a 5000 square meter hotbed for extraordinary experiments. We accommodate creatives and technicians and stimulate labs which are researching new ways of living in the network society of the near future. We develop ideas and enterprises and value failure as much as we do success.

Our strength lies in our communities, our inspiration is drawn from our location, our programmes are our success. You can hire a desk, an office or an inspirational space. As a member of A Lab, you have access to an active community and all of our events. In our physical and virtual labs, we unite the ecosystems that can change our world. To name a few: Bio, Art & Cultures, Journalism, Music, Social Robotics, Blockchain & Visual. 

WeMakeThe.City in North

On the other side of the river IJ lies North Amsterdam, the many-faced city district where history can be found everywhere. Tolhuistuin (garden to the toll house) for instance reminds us of the toll people had to pay here until the 17th century. And many of the ship wharves built in the 19th century are still here – every festivalgoer has partied at least once the NDSM-wharf. In the 20th century, the district was home to heavy industry; landmark A’DAM used to be the headquarters of oil company Shell.

As diverse as its past is its present: developments are taking place in many different ways. WeMakeThe. City will show you how and where. You can go on an expedition with one of the Noordmakers (makers of North): people who are making the district more beautiful, liveable and better. They will show you hidden places on an adventurous trip.

If you’d rather go on your own, you can start at the NDSM wharf and have a look at the art installation by Atelier van Lieshout – it is a tribute to the earlier mentioned industries. Next stop might be vanPlestik where plastic waste is turned into raw material for a 3D printer. You can end on a bright note at Brewery Oedipus, which offers you no less than 12 different beers from draught in their tasting room.

Are you a fan of photography? Try Docking Station, North Amsterdam’s smallest workspace; troubadours will tell you the stories behind the beautiful pictures. You can find more photo’s at A Lab, at the exhibition Buurtbanden ( neighbourhood ties) on the relationships between locals in the district. Don’t leave in a hurry as the former Shell laboratory offers theatre and dance performances, you can taste new types of lettuce at the Vertical Farm or take music lessons to get inspired. And everyone should come and celebrate De Ceuvel’s birthday – it will be a star-spangled party.

Amsterdam City Archives Show How the City Was Made

The Amsterdam City Archives, located in historic building De Bazel is the historical documentation center of Amsterdam, housing 50 kilometers of archives, a historical topographical collection with millions of maps, drawings and pictures, a library and extensive audio, film and photo archives. All these archives show how today’s city was made in the past. During WeMakeThe.City you can visit the treasure chambers of the City Archives for free. Don’t forget to have a look at the City Bookshop!

Pay Attention Please!

Wander around the Zuidas, be surprised in New West, get acquainted with the many faces of North, explore the East, roam the wharf of NDSM, and check out the Red Light District from a different point of view.

11 leading Amsterdam art institutions are joining forces and showcasing the richness of the Amsterdam public space during the manifestation Pay Attention Please! in the summer of 2018. Over the past decennia the public space of Amsterdam – the space we share together – has changed significantly. Ambitious new build projects, tourism, and economic activity have transformed the face of Amsterdam for good. But not everyone is aware of Amsterdam's long and exciting tradition of art in and for the public domain. Every neighborhood has its own classics, which are sometimes cherished and sometimes debated by its locals. These works are the artist's response to the changing world they live in. They invite you to discover the stories of Amsterdam and look at society from a different angle. Pay Attention Please! is an exhibition of existing and new (temporary) works of art and interventions in public space. The works are presented through an inspiring public program, consisting of walking routes, stories, lectures and performances. More than just an exhibition, it is also a way to experience the city of Amsterdam in a new and surprising manner.

SAVE THE DATE: Festive opening weekend June 21-24

Pay Attention Please! is organized by Public Art Amsterdam, an initiative by CBK Zuidoost, De Appel, Framer Framed, GET LOST- art route, Frankendael Foundation, LAPS-Rietveld, Stichting NDSM Werf, Oude Kerk Amsterdam, P///akt, Stedelijk Museum and TAAK.

Public Art Amsterdam is a biennial manifestation in the Amsterdam public space. ‘Pay Attention Please!’ is the first edition.
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Hopp, Get On the Roof!

Hopp is a place where you wake up to whistling birds, a getaway from the city where you enjoy pure and natural food.

What does Amsterdam look like from the roof? You can find out by visiting roof terrace Hopp. Hopp, formerly known as Nest, reopens its doors at the Eerste Ringdijk, in a new, green guise. It will be part of our green roofs route on June 23 and 24.

It is more than just an inspiring green roof: Hopp is also the place to be for a nice beer. Better still, for many different special beers.

Hopp is a place where you wake up to whistling birds, a getaway from the city where you enjoy pure and natural food. A place to meet up after a long day at work or to visit on a Sunday afternoon with the children. Hopp is home. A home with its own garden. Where you can feel free as a bird.

Would you like to hop by on a Friday? You can, as Hopp will be part of ROEF! on June 22.

Day of Architecture at the Zuidas

After successful previous editions alongside the banks of the river IJ, in Buiksloterham and the Amstel Quarter, the Day of Architecture will visit no less than four locations in the city. June will be renamed to Month of Architecture, hosting four Days of Architecture. On Sunday 24 June, during WeMakeTheCity, Arcam (Architectural Centre Amsterdam) will organise programmes with tours on the Zuidas.

SHIP: the Making of the World’s Biggest Sea Lock

After having functioned for almost a century, the Noorder Lock in IJmuiden needs to be replaced: it’s too small to accommodate the large new sea ships. That’s why in 2016 the construction of the largest sea lock in the world started. The new 500 meters long, 70 meters wide and 18 meters deep lock guarantees large ships a safe passage through the North Sea Canal, even when the tide is low. The lock will be in function from the end of 2019 and from then on the Amsterdam harbour will be accessible once again all hours of the day. Thus the harbour region of Amsterdam, Zaanstad, Beverwijk, and IJmuiden will maintain its position as a global harbour as well as its international allure.

IJmuiden is home of the SHIP, the Lock Harbour Information Point. Visiting the construction site is impossible as the construction takes place on a small surface and mostly under water. This is why SHIP was developed: visitors can monitor the constructions and watch the permanent exhibition featuring a maquette of the lock complex and historic stories of lock keepers.

Ferrotopia at the NDSM-Shipyard

During WeMakeThe.City you will have the opportunity to visit Ferrotopia. This iconic art installation by Atelier Van Lieshout will be presented at the NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam. The installation opens on 25 April and is an ode to iron and old industrial heritage, while at the same time linking the rediscovery of new industry and craft to the circular economy. Ferrotopia is an art installation and pop-up museum in one, unfolding a programme of lectures, workshops, and exhibitions.

Museum Het Schip: Art in the Public Space

Marvel at the fairytale-like architecture and political ideals of the Amsterdam School!

Museum Het Schip is the Amsterdam School Museum about art, architecture and social housing. It is located in the world famous workers’ palace ‘Het Schip’ by architect Michel de Klerk in Amsterdam. The Ship belongs to the top of the Amsterdam School architectural movement of the early twentieth century. The Ship is still inhabited and the museum is located in different parts of the building, where you can discover how people lived before and after the housing act of 1901. The museum houses a permanent and temporary exhibition. Marvel at the fairytale-like architecture and political ideals of the Amsterdam School!

The current temporary exhibition is on the Public Works Department of the municipality of Amsterdam (1915-1935). Public Works and the Amsterdam School are inextricably linked. The Municipal Public Service Department decided from 1910 to engage a number of architects and artists who would later become big names within the Amsterdam School, such as Joan van der Meij, Michel de Klerk, Piet Kramer and Hildo Krop. The architects made beautiful designs for government buildings, schools and bridges, and they even paid a lot of attention to the street furniture. These buildings and artworks can still be admired everywhere in Amsterdam. The exhibition presents the most beautiful photographs of this architecture and art. The original drawings and artworks by the most famous architects will be exhibited as well.

‘Close to Reality’ at NDSM

‘Close to Reality’ exhibits 50 scale models – from regional scale to actual building, from concept to final design, from urban design to architecture, and public space design.

These models contain all aspects of urban planning and architecture. The exhibition shows the tremendous efforts required to get to a final design and creates an opportunity for the audience to both imagine and discuss future challenges of city planning. The models present an overview of future developments and place design as they create a broader context to inspire, discuss, criticise and focus on future challenges.

We Make M-ODE: Sustainable Fashion at Westergasfabriek

Fair Fashion is brought to WeMakeThe.City by the M-ODE foundation; a multiple-day spectacle with sustainability, innovation, and socially responsible entrepreneurship at its center. M-ODE will transform the Westergasterrein into the We Make M-ODE event, showing the sustainable future of the fashion industry. The programme will be filled with multiple stage-talks, shows, and presentations by start-ups and more established names. Designer Bas Kosters will demonstrate how he turns Amsterdam’s discarded clothes into a fashion collection, a project for which M-ODE has collaborated intensively with the City of Amsterdam.

In collaboration with West municipal district and WOW ateliers, a sustainable fashion route has been set out through Amsterdam West, starting at the Westerpark, including open studio’s, pop up shops, presentations, workshops, and shows. Together with VondelCS, M-ODE presents pop up shops, a fashion collection made from clothing discarded after Kingsday and the launch of a documentary about couturier Frank Govers. 

The We Make M-ODE event and fashion route are accessible to a wide audience.

Buy Less

"Buy less" – Vivienne.

Geplaatst door Vivienne Westwood op maandag 11 september 2017

020 Emission-Free in 2025!

In Project 02025, leaders work together to make Amsterdam champion clean energy. In 2025 – at Amsterdams 750th anniversary – we want to celebrate exuberantly that this has been achieved. An accelerated switch to clean energy is not only a necessity, it also provides Amsterdammers with benefits: clean air, sustainable energy, employment, solidarity, and pride.

We realise that this is only possible through an ambitious and broad collaboration with everyone who’s willing and able. That is why we want to make these people visible and connect and empower them. Over the next few months, we will work towards the official launch of the project during the WeMakeThe.City festival in June. A festival all about the city makers.