Think, talk, watch and work the Smart City

You can’t create a smart city on your own. That’s why you can visit several events at WeMakeThe.City, to talk and think about, look at and work on the city of the future. Free access to all activities with your Festival Pass!

Thursday 21 June, is the kick-off of Amsterdam Smart City | The New Chapter, at QFactory. Together with all stakeholders, it celebrates a decade of Amsterdam Smart City, which was founded to gather all knowledge, skills and networks in order to make fundamental changes to the city.

What smart actually looks like, you can find out the very same day at the Smart and Electronic Mobility Expo. At the Gustav Mahler Plein you can watch new, innovative ways of transport, like the supersonic solar car by the award-winning Nuon Solar Team. The expo is open until Sunday 24 June.

On Friday June 22, there are even more demonstrations of clever innovation at the Smart Neighbourhood Workshop in Building E27 of Makerversity. There are solutions for the growth, safety and sustainability of transport in the city. And if you dare, you can test drive already existing vehicles of the future.

On Saturday 23 June, you can help think about the role of citizens in the development of smart cities. The interactive Smart City Workshop (Dutch only!) at the NEMO City Lab lets you answer questions such as: What makes you happy in the city? and: How do you feel about public values like privacy, autonomy and justice?

And starting from Thursday, you can get on top of things every day, on the roof of Building 002 at the former navy area. The short Smart Roof Expedition will teach you how to transform a bituminous roof into a green, self-sustaining oasis, which contributes to a better city climate.