Up Close and Liveable

Up Close and Liveable is the international review of the urban strategies of Amsterdam. Urban professionals from cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Helsinki, London, Paris, Portland, Seoul, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo and Vancouver come together to focus on the issues we face in cities: How do we make cities compact? Sustainable? Accessible? Green and blue? Mixed? Inclusive? What strategies, plans and experiments lead the way to innovative and smart solutions that are able to improve the quality of living?

We believe that an international exchange contributes to the development of new strategies and solutions that improve the quality of life in urban environments.

This event is organized by the City of Amsterdam’s department of Planning and Sustainability and will take place on Friday morning June 22nd The program will consist of a general introduction on current urban challenges, a short introduction per invited city and a global review in parallel sessions with different cities on different subjects. Additionally, this event will be the official opening of a pop-up city model exhibition, with 3D models of urban plans and projects: 'Close to Reality'.