WeMakeThe.City Centrum

Since centuries Amsterdam Centrum is renown for its liveliness. During WeMakeThe.City,  there will be all kinds of activities in this district which mirror this energy and reflect on it.

The late mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, curated an exhibition from the collections of the Stadsarchief Amsterdam and Amsterdam Museum. Through this exhibition, he aimed to inspire people to engage in conversations about the future of the city. 

The rich and beautiful past of Amsterdam also knows its dark sides. You can see this during the theatre tour Sites of Memory – Changing Portraits. You’ll embark on a boat tour through different historical site, while actors, poets and musicians share stories of Amsterdam’s slave trading past. They zoom in on famous people from the 17th century, but also on the people that stayed invisible. C ome along!

WeMakeThe. City also take s a look at the area development in the city center. Join the area meetups and gain insights into the urban developments that await this borough. The Universiteitskwartier (University Quarters) will develop thoroughly, aiming at social, economical and ecological progress. 

There are many other things to do. See the list below and learn more about the city center of Amsterdam.