Image kevin.hackert op VisualHunt / CC BY-NC

WeMakeThe.City in North

On the other side of the river IJ lies North Amsterdam, the many-faced city district where history can be found everywhere. Tolhuistuin (garden to the toll house) for instance reminds us of the toll people had to pay here until the 17th century. And many of the ship wharves built in the 19th century are still here – every festivalgoer has partied at least once the NDSM-wharf. In the 20th century, the district was home to heavy industry; landmark A’DAM used to be the headquarters of oil company Shell.

As diverse as its past is its present: developments are taking place in many different ways. WeMakeThe. City will show you how and where. You can go on an expedition with one of the Noordmakers (makers of North): people who are making the district more beautiful, liveable and better. They will show you hidden places on an adventurous trip.

If you’d rather go on your own, you can start at the NDSM wharf and have a look at the art installation by Atelier van Lieshout – it is a tribute to the earlier mentioned industries. Next stop might be vanPlestik where plastic waste is turned into raw material for a 3D printer. You can end on a bright note at Brewery Oedipus, which offers you no less than 12 different beers from draught in their tasting room.

Are you a fan of photography? Try Docking Station, North Amsterdam’s smallest workspace; troubadours will tell you the stories behind the beautiful pictures. You can find more photo’s at A Lab, at the exhibition Buurtbanden ( neighbourhood ties) on the relationships between locals in the district. Don’t leave in a hurry as the former Shell laboratory offers theatre and dance performances, you can taste new types of lettuce at the Vertical Farm or take music lessons to get inspired. And everyone should come and celebrate De Ceuvel’s birthday – it will be a star-spangled party.