Co-Creating the City (2018)

Urban Conference

How does co-creation work in the urban practice?

Dit programma is in het Engels. 

The notion of co-creation as a means to address complex urban challenges is here to stay. There is an increasing awareness of the fact that a collaborative approach to city-making, which considers knowledge institutions, businesses, start-ups, SMEs, welfare organisations, social innovators and the government to be equal partners, enhances social innovation for a more successful, sustainable and inclusive city. The organisation of a level playing field in which these stakeholders can truly work together is the greatest task ahead for many cities. How does co-creation work in the urban practice? What kind of innovative mechanisms do cities around Europe experiment with in order to enhance co-creation? And how can these experiments be eventually effectuated into governance models? 

09:30 - 12:30
Morning programme 
In the plenary opening, practitioners and city representatives exchange experiences on co-creation and participatory democracy in their city. Amongst others Rutger Groot Wassink (Vice Mayor City of Amsterdam), Anni Sinnemäki (Vice Mayor - City of Helsinki), Maria Vassilakou (Vice Mayor - City of Vienna), Catherine Veyrat-Durebex (Project officer - City of Nantes), Elena Papalabrou (Special Advisor for the Mayor - City of Athens), Marcella Arrruda (Instituto A Cidade Precisa de Você, LabGov São Paulo), Karl-Filip Coenegrachts (Strategic Coordinator – City of Ghent) and Rui Franco (City of Lisbon) will share best practices and lessons learned.

Ethan Kent (Senior Vice President - Project for Public Spaces) speaks about placemaking as an inherently co-creative practice in the design and management of public space, Gordon Douglas (Assistant Professor of Urban Planning at San José State University) will present his book about ‘Do-It-Yourself Urban Planning’.

Toni L. Griffin (Design for a Just City - Harvard University), Jerry Afriyie (Founder Nederland wordt Beter) and José Mariá Becerra González (Department of inclusion City of Madrid) explore the necessary preconditions to inclusive city-making, towards a just city.

12:30 - 13:30 Lunch 

13.30 - 17.15 Break-out sessions 

First round: 13:30 - 15:15 

- Co-Creative Democracy and Decision-Making 
Citizens and governments around the world already designed various methods of co-creation and innovative governance at a local level. How do these initiatives integrate co-creative decision-making in daily governance?
With amongst others Rui Franco (City of Lisbon), Catherine Veyrat-Durebex (City of Nantes), Annet van Otterloo (Afrikaanderwijkcoöperatie- Rotterdam), Jonas de Maeyer (Endeavour), Stine Degnegaard (Deloitte Director) and Frank Brander (City of Groningen).

- Infrastructure and the Co-City: How Might We Make Urban Infrastructure Work for Everyone?
How can the Co-City Approach help city leaders and city-makers serve collective needs leveraging public-community cooperation?
With Christian Iaione (Professor of Urban Law and Policy at UniMarconi and LUISS University, LabGov Co-Director), Sheila Foster (Professor of Law and Public Policy, University of Georgetown), Simone D’Antonio (URBACT), Asali DeVan Ecclesiastes (New Orleans Business Alliance), Marcella Arruda (Instituto A Cidade Precisa de Você, LabGov São Paulo) and Joachim Meerkerk (PhD researcher, Amsterdam University of Applied Science). Facilitated by Alicia Bonner Ness

- Co-Financing and New Financial Instruments 
Funding the cooperative city is a big challenge but it is happening. Founders of Eutropian Levente Polyak & Daniela Patti have researched different strategies for fundraising and investment and explore the ways in which organisations arrange new mechanisms to access, purchase, renovate or construct buildings for communities.
With amongst others Christian Grauvogel (re:Kreators), Hans Karssenberg (re:Kreators), Róbert Bjarnason (Citizen Foundation Reykjavik) and Jeroen Jonkers (MAEX).

 - Workshop by Toni L. Griffin - A Just City Index for Amsterdam Neighbourhoods 
Everybody is welcome to this workshop. We explicitly invite people from Amsterdam Nieuw-West and Amsterdam-Zuidoost to join this session. In collaboration with Placemaking Plus, The Beach, and Gemeente Amsterdam.
[Note: This workshop starts at 13.00.]

Second round: 15:30 - 17:15 
- Who is the ‘we’ in We Make the City?
How can we flatline the class barrier, make space for the unheard voices and make city-making inclusive and representative of wider society?
With amongst others Jerry Afriyie (Founder - Nederland wordt Beter - Amsterdam), Diana Krabbendam (Founder - The Beach - Amsterdam), Malique Mohamud (Founder - Studio Narrative - Rotterdam), Ahmed Omar & Hidaya Nampiima (We Are Here - Amsterdam City Rights), Tiago Mota Saraiva (Ateliermob - Lisbon), Gordon Douglas (Director - Institute for Metropolitan Studies - San José State University), and Angelo Bromet (NoLimit - Amsterdam).
- Online Platforms for Participatory Democracy
Over the past years, online platforms have worked hard to strengthen local democracies. What characteristics or methods have proved to be most successful to engage citizens?
With amongst others Elena Papalabrou (SynAthina - Athens), Róbert Bjarnason (Citizens Foundation - Reykjavik), May-Britt Jansen (Stem van West - Amsterdam), José María Becerra González (Decide Madrid - Madrid), Mourad El Otmani (Young New West), Julia Taddei (The Democratic Company) and Aline Muylaert & Wietse van Ransbeeck (Citizenlab  - City of Ghent).

- Placemaking, Co-Design and Place-Led Governance
Placemaking as a co-creative strategy to rejuvenate public spaces is widely recognised. Ethan Kent (Global Placemaking Council), Bert Determann (COO Theater Rotterdam) and Jeroen Laven (European Placemaking Network - Stipo) showcase how to translate the success of interventions into new models for ownership and governance. They will demonstrate how in the Schouwburgplein case, Rotterdam’s primary cultural square where the past ten years numerous successful placemaking initiatives have led to experimentation with a place management association, follow up steps are now looking to formalise ownership over some of the assets and processes. Placemakers from around the world are invited to reflect from their experience.

- Social Labs and Targeted System Change
Social labs are hyper-local innovation processes in which social issues, such as loneliness or youth unemployment, as well as possible solutions are researched and tested by stakeholders themselves. In this workshop, we aim to mobilise the experience and knowledge of the participants to harvest insights about new directions. 
With Tessa de Geus and Nora van der Linden (Kennisland).
- Local Media Make the City  
In this session, 'Newsroom Enschede' reflects on their attempts to use a range of media channels in their city to stimulate active citizen participation.
With Paul Benneworth (senior researcher at the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies the University of Twente), Henk ten Harkel, (regional newspaper TC Tubantia) and Flip van Willigen (managing director 1Twente Enschede). 

13.30 - 17.00
- Cities under Pressure

By Charles Landry (Author ‘Creative Bureaucracy’) and Liesbeth Jansen (Marineterrein). 
At Marineterrein and for invites only

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Thursday 21 June

09:30 - 17:30

Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 179, 1019 HC, Amsterdam

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Hidaya Nampiima
Stine Degnegaard
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Federico Guerrieri
Bert Determann
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Jonas de Maeyer
Rui Franco
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Asali Ecclesiastes
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