Governance of landuse in the Netherlands, Casus Amsterdam

Urban Conference

A OECD/OESO report

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86% of the total capital stock of a country is fixed in property and land. Extrapolated for the entire OECD members, this corresponds to USD 249 trillion. Spatial planning is one of the strongest instruments for securing the future of this capital and to ensure good profit rates.The OECD, a well-known international organisation and think-tank, has examined the governance of land use in Amsterdam.

It highlights that Amsterdam is the economic engine of the country, but warns that this position is not guaranteed. Big challenges, such as coping with the growth of the city and ensuring affordable housing, threaten the city’s economic position.The OECD advises the City of Amsterdam how to deal with these challenges efficiently and effectively: broaden the spectrum of instruments used for spatial planning and enhance the co-operation on a metropolitan scale.

During a lecture by the researchers of the OECD you have the chance to hear the results of the recommendations out of first hand.Afterwards you're invited to join for a drink.

Wednesday 20 June

19:30 - 21:00

Stadhuis, Filmzaal (Waterlooplein, 28, Amsterdam Centrum)

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