Masterclass: Designing Circular Cities

Urban Special

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Geared towards international city officials, urban planners and utility providers, this Masterclass takes participants through the ins-and-outs of circular cities. While cities occupy only 3% of the Earth’s surface area, they house more than half of the world’s population, consume over 75% of the global resources and are responsible for up to 80% of greenhouse emissions. However, environmental challenges and urbanization opportunities are inherently connected. As cities are also the major engine for economic growth, they can lead the way towards a circular economy by transforming the built environment. In this masterclass, we provide a crash course on the principles and theory of urban metabolisms and circular city development. Relevant case studies such as De Ceuvel, Schoonschip and Circular Buiksloterham - projects that Metabolic has helped pioneer - will be analyzed alongside other international examples to explore these design principles in practice.  

What you leave with
- Insider information of the common pitfalls, benefits, and barriers to transitioning cities to perform at high circularity, with lessons from De Ceuvel, Schoonschip and Circular Buiksloterham. 
- A clear understanding of the nuances of local stakeholder management necessary for making progress on a local circular economy. 
- Reliable strategies to identify low-hanging fruit and design pilots that educate, build support, and accelerate the transition.

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Image: De Ceuvel © Niko Coutignu

woensdag 22 augustus

14:00 - 17:30

De Ceuvel (Korte Papaverweg 6, Amsterdam Noord)

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