Smart Citizens Lab

Sensing your environment is becoming more accessible to citizens due to the rise of low-cost sensing tools. With relatively simple sensors we can measure sound, water and air quality around us. However, our environment is also increasingly sensing us. The accuracy of AI surveillance technology has grown exponentially, generating massive amounts of information about the environment and us. Where do bottom up and top down technologies meet and how can we make sense of the data becoming available ?

With Ivonne Jansen-Dings (Waag), Tomo Kihara(Playful Interventions) and Marek Vogt ( Smarticipate, Waag).

In this workshop, you’ll get a crash course in how to become a smart citizen, and how to cooperate with them from a policy perspective

This workshop is part of the first round of the break-out sessions (13:00-14:00h) of the day conference Next Generation Cities on Thursday, June 21 at Q-Factory, Amsterdam.