Trust Framework

Digitisation has made it possible for services, products and approaches to be better tailored to people’s personal circumstances and needs. But if you allow data, objects and devices of persons and entities to work together in a digital society, you need independent guarantees for trust in digital solutions. With an independent trust infrastructure, for example around the house and IoT objects, data owners and providers of customised data-driven services are both facilitated to share data and objects responsibly.

In this breakout session, organised by & DI020 Programme, the preconditions and governance of digital trust, the various building blocks (such as identification, attribution, permissions, authentication, registers, verifiability, traceability and target binding) and the present implementation are shared for discussion.

With among others: Bob Kronenburg (Alliander), Rob van Kranenburg ( & IoT-Council), Manon den Dunnen (DI020,, Dutch Police ), Marijn Fraanje (CIO at the City of The Hague), Frans Jorna (Director Digital City & Innovation, City of Almere) and Thomas Kruse (Strategist CIO, City of Utrecht).

This workshop is part of the second round of the break-out sessions (14:15-15:15h) of the day conference Next Generation Cities on Thursday, June 21.