Gil Kelley

Gil Kelley is an internationally recognised urban strategist and visionary. He currently serves as the General Manager of Planning, Urban Design, and Sustainability for the City of Vancouver. Kelley has is a fierce promoter of civic engagement and innovative thinking in both his public and private work.

Kelley also leads an independent planning consultancy and continues to advise cities and governments on a range of urban development strategies, including economic development, neighbourhood and downtown revitalisation, waterfront development, urban design and sustainability.

In the past he was the Chief Planner for several West Coast cities and an independent advisor to cities and governments across the globe. He also served as the Director of Citywide Planning for the City of San Francisco, the Director of Planning for the City of Portland, and Director of Planning and Development for the City of Berkeley.

Gil Kelley is a speaker at the conference Up Close and Liveable on Friday, 22 June.