Hiroo Ichikawa

Professor Emeritus, Meiji University
Executive Director, The Mori Memorial Foundation

He majors in urban policy, urban and regional planning and emergency management and has authored numerous books on issues related to Tokyo and metropolitan regions. He has also served numerous public and private organizations including the Japanese government, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Japan Telework Society, and Japan Association of Emergency Qualified Specialists. He graduated from Waseda University with a Bachelor of Architecture and later earned a Master of Urban Planning degree at Waseda University. He continued his studies under a Canadian government scholarship at the University of Waterloo where he was granted a Ph.D. from in Urban and Regional Planning. He is a member of the steering committee and a chairman of the working committee for the Global Power City Index (GPCI). The GPCI, carried out by the Mori Memorial Foundation, is the sole global city ranking issued in Japan.

He is a speaker at the conference Up Close & Liveable on Friday, June 22.