Open House

Bezoek de coöperatieve en biologische buurtmarkt

The ZuiderMRKT came into existence in 2011 as a response to the disappearance of a lot of the smaller neighbourhood shops. The co-op market is created for and by the neighbourhood and is made possible by the active efforts of more than 400 members, a number that is still growing. These members take care of selling the vegetables which are supplied by students of the Warmonderhof in Dronten, a school for biodynamic farming. On Saturday’s the members of the co-op man the vegetable stands themselves. Together they form the team of the ZuiderMRKT fund which allocates the profits of the fund to educational projects for children in Amsterdam about a healthy and sustainable food industry.

ZuiderMRKT strives to sell as many organic products as possible. The vegetable stand is therefore entirely supplied with biodynamic produce. Together with the other entrepreneurs, they work towards increasingly organic and sustainable methods for producing their crops. In addition, the ZuidrMRKT is an important meeting place on Saturdays. During WeMakeThe.City the meeting place will be made even bigger to provide more space for tasting and meeting, and for discovering everything the ZuiderMRKT has to offer!

This event is free to visit with your Festival Pass. Go to our ticket page for more information.

Saturday 23 June

09:30 - 17:00

ZuiderMRKT (Jacob Obrechtstraat, Amsterdam Zuid)

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