The Weekend of WeMakeThe.City

Over the past few days, an amazing number of people wandered the city to visit conferences, sessions, area meetups, and expositions. Inspiring keynote speakers sharpened our thinking and new alliances were forged between people that normally wouldn’t meet each other – all for the sake of a positive effect on the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region.

But WeMakeThe.City still has a couple of days ahead. Besides in-depth programmes, reflecting critically on the current city, the weekend offers a broad programme of more relaxing activities. On Saturday and Sunday, more than 160 initiatives are opening their doors. Visit impact hubs, community centers, urban farms, roof gardens, food courts, and startups. The city and its surrounding region will transform into one big festival with urban talks, workshops, urban expeditions, parties , and expositions. We’ve made a selection from the rich array of activities, starting off by highlighting a few special expeditions.

On Saturday there will be several roof expeditions organised by rooftop festival ROEF. During these expeditions you can have a look at pioneering rooftop owners. They will also take you to locations showing spectacular additions to the roof landscape, by means of blow-ups. Curious? Come visit!

Also, join the route in Amsterdam-West organised by We Make M-ODE. This route takes you to fashion shows, pop-up stores and numerous stores for shopping circular. You will discover that anyone who likes fashion – and sustainable shopping – will have a great time in West. You can join this route all the days of the festivals. Find all checkpoints on our website. Bike innovation platform BYCS hosts two bike expeditions called ‘We Bike The City’. Here you will discover the future of biking in the city, and other subjects will be discussed as well. In the North/South line route, you will learn everything about the cultural and creative developments in the city. Also, take a look at the other bike route. These expeditions will take place on Saturday.

Done with being a nomad and in the mood for a seat? On Saturday and Sunday on multiple time slots, you can enjoy the theatre performance Missie zkt. Massa (in Dutch) in the Fruittuin van West (Gardens of West). This is an energetic, humourous and raw performance wherein the gap between ideals and reality takes in a central place. A performance permeated with adrenaline and idealism. Check out our programme pages for the exact times.

You can visit the exhibition Publieke Werken (Public Works) in Museum het Schip. Architectural wave Amsterdamse School and the Gemeentelijke Dienst Publieke Werken (Municipal Service Public Works) are inseparably connected. Designs by the big architects of the Amsterdamse School are on display. Have a look at the beautiful pictures and drawings. On Saturday and Sunday, you will find out who was involved in how the city of today looks like, and what preceded its creation.

The weekend also has a rich offer of interesting and beautiful exhibitions. Both on Saturday and Sunday you can check out ‘Close to Reality’ (about scale models of city architecture) and ‘Me and the Tourist’ (about the relationship of people from Amsterdam towards tourists). Visit the art installation of Ferrotopia created by Atelier van Lieshout, where you can join the programme ‘CryptoFood’. Here you get a taste of the future of food (not just as a figure of speech).

Of course there is much more to do. Over the weekend, there will be more than 160 initiatives opening their doors. So make sure you’ll check out the programme pages check out how you will plan your weekend of WeMakeThe.City. To help you out, we made several routes, giving you an idea of all the activities that take place in your city district and city. Enjoy your weekend!