Ondertussen in de Kweekschool

Open House

Ruimtes waar we maken, musiceren en exposeren

ONDERTUSSEN (MEANWHILE) builds in-between spaces. Places where people – who might or might not have fled – share time, talent, and knowledge. Where they create, play, and exhibit together. During WeMakeThe.City, they open the doors to their in-between space. Come see, listen, and experience these artists from across the world.

On Saturday 23 June, the doors on the Plantage Middenlaan are open to the public where they will build a 'gesamtkunstwerk'. Throughout the building you will find mini-exhibitions, workshops, music, and films by these artists. Expect art with unexpected twists from near and far.

This open house is free of charge.

Image: Ondertussen opening © Shahi Dawod, 2016. Courtesy of Ondertussen.

Saturday 23 June

13:00 - 17:00

Ondertussen de Kweekschool (Plantage Middenlaan 27, Amsterdam Centrum)

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