Bijen & Zaadbommen

Urban Special

Want to know more about bees, orchards and pollination? Come and get your hands dirty during this workshop and make seed bombs that will transform your city into a sea of flowers for bees.

This workshop sheds light on the circle of life which we are all part of. Your hands in dirt, clay, water. Learn more about different seeds and contribute to a greener city where bees feel welcome. Cities are becoming places where bees and other insects feel welcome because of the relative absence of insecticides. Making the cities greener becomes even more relevant with an ever-growing urban population. De Fruittuin van West is an ecological fruit tree orchard and Pluk is a fruit farm for members. This way, farmers and clients join efforts to run the farm. A farmer from Pluk will be present to tell you more about Pluk and this joint system.

This workshop is for kids and adults alike.

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Saturday 23 June

13:00 - 13:45

Fruittuin van West (Tom Schreursweg 48, Amsterdam Nieuw-West)

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