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Zie hoe alles groeit en bloeit en proef hoe écht eten smaakt

MijnStadstuin (My City Garden) is an innovative vegetable garden where you can grow your own greens, or have them be grown for you. And there's a lot more to do and see. The garden is equipped with both online and offline facilities that make gardening easier. It is called New Style Greens. All your senses will be stimulated. Feel the fresh earth, smell nature, the herbs and the greens - watch everything grow and bloom and experience the taste of real food. 

The online Garden planner makes it even easier to design your own vegetable garden. You can get advice on where and how to plant your veggies and on how to maintain the garden in order to harvest your delicious, homegrown greens. 

No time? No worries! You can decide what you want to do yourself and when you need the help of the Garden Butler. You can do this simply through the Garden Planner. The Butler is there to help and give advice - a rich harvest is now possible for everyone. 

If you love fresh greens but dislike gardening, you can just do the harvesting. You can collect however much fresh veggies you want from the land. This way, you know what you're eating. Delicious and honest food for a reasonable price. 

MijnStadstuin is located in de Tuinen van West (the Gardens in West), the first permanent place for urban agriculture in Amsterdam. On the 23rd and the 24th of June there are all kinds of activities to discover in the gardens, and all the other entreprises and projects in this amazing area!

The activities on Saturday and Sunday are free of charge.

Sunday 24 June

10:30 - 18:00

MijnStadstuin (Nico Broekhuysenweg 22, Amsterdam West)

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