BuurtBuik: Samen Eten!

Open House

Dear Guests of WeMakeThe.City,

We want to cordially invite you to join our BuurtBuik community food project.

BuurtBuik is a foundation that helps companies gather their surplus food and cook wonderful meals for the neighbourhoods. This way, people without proper means can enjoy a proper meal together. BuurtBuik fights food waste, loneliness and poverty at the same time.

As part of WeMakeThe.City, BuurtBuik will open its doors to a few visitors, so they can experience first hand how amazing it is the enjoy a BuurtBuik-meal. But seats are limited.

Register now for one of these meals to be part of the BuurtBuik experience.

Saturday 23 June

18:00 - 20:00

BuurtBuik Oud-West (J.J. Cremerplein 27, Amsterdam Oud-West)

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