Let them eat waste!

Open House

Varkens mesten zonder voedselverspilling

"The pig was 'fed' in times of abundance, for the future. As stocks reduced, nearing winter, the pig would be butchered."

Feeding pigs on the countryside as well as in the city, without wasting food. Every neighbourhood owned their own pig, which was fed with food waste. This historical fact caused 'De Herkomst' in Tuinen van West to start a project that has positive effects on the local economy. They started this together with an urban agricultural project in Amsterdam Osdorp. A heartwarming initiative in the circular city. If you too enjoy local products, visit De Herkomst on June 23rd or 24th. 

Every hour, Fabian Philippo and Dirk Koolen will give a short lecture on food waste and their project with pigs. So if you want to know more, make sure to visit one of them (every hour from 10 PM until 4 PM).

The Herkomst is located in de Tuinen van West, the first permanent area for urban agriculture in Amsterdam. In the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of June, there's a lot to do and discover, so make sure you visit all of the other organisations and entrepreneurs in the area!

This activity is free of charge. 

Image: De Herkomst © Fabian Phillipo. 

Saturday 23 June

10:00 - 17:00

De Herkomst (Lutkemeerweg 21, Amsterdam West)

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