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FacebookWOW Amsterdam transforms Bos en Lommerplein in Amsterdam West from a market square to a futuristic fashion spectacle.

There will be a variety of workshops and activities, for young and old, with the aim to raise awareness for a more sustainable Fashion world, both on the industry and the consumers-sides. Take your used clothes and groceries bag with you, and upcycle your clothes with the help of emerging fashion talents. Ask some advice on how to best upcycle your clothes, or swap them during a big clothes-swap market.

In an exhibition divided in two of stores, the visitors will discover all that they need to know about the future of fashion, the new directions in the field and the new gadgets. Technology, however, is not sufficient by itself to instigate change, we also need to think with a new mindset. How will you change your buying habits? How will you adjust your choices regarding clothes? And with which clothes will you build a sustainable relationship?

The day will be closed by a spectacular fashion show, during which the public is invited to experience the catwalk from a whole different point of view it's all about changing perspectives.


Innovation and the renewal of the fashion industry definitely play a bit role in the work of young fashion designers, and vice versa the impulse that they provide through their ideas is transforming the discipline. The young fashion talents resident in WOW show a deep engagement with the transformation of the fashion into a cleaner, fairer industry for a better world. During the ‘WeMakeThe.City’ festival, WOW – as platform for young talent- wants to draw attention to the potential of this young generation and their important in the fashion world, but also in the city.

WOW Store

On Friday 15 June, a week before the event, WOW will open a temporary store on the square, with sustainable fashion, art and design products. In the new WOW Store, visitors will be able to find textile, scarfs, jackets, accessories, bags and furniture with a story. Further, a constantly changing exhibition of art and fashion directly from the ateliers of young labels such as Karim Adduchi, Sophie Hardeman and Schepers Bosman.


WOW Fashion Inside Out shows recent works of striking and award-winning designers, amongst which Amber Jae Slooten (b. 1993, Chicago), Eduardo Leon (b. Peru/Italy), Linda Plaude (b. 1991, Latvia), Lisa Konno (b. 1992, Amsterdam), the duo Schepers Bosman (Sanne Schepers, b. 1989, Heerlen and Anne Bosman b. 1988, Amsterdam) and Timna Weber (b. 1988, Innsbruck). In the exhibition, they make radical proposals that deviate from the standard in the current fashion industry.

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Image: Amber Jae Slooten x The Fabricant

Sunday 24 June

13:00 - 19:30

Bos en Lommerplein (Bos en Lommerplein 150, Amsterdam West)

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