Feestelijke opening Publieke Kunstroute Noord

Urban Expedition

Rondleiding door Framer Framed - Pay Attention Please/Public Art Amsterdam

Through a guided tour in Amsterdam-Noord, the Amsterdam art institution Framer Framed will show artworks in the public space, as part of art manifestation Pay Attention Please!. The manifestation by Public Art Amsterdam is a collaboration between eleven leading Amsterdam art institutions, aimed at displaying the richness of the public space.
Participant Framer Framed is a platform for art and culture, with an exhibition space in the Tolhuistuin. It takes the increasing gentrification and the fast transformations in the city in general and Amsterdam-Noord in particular, as a starting point, posing the questions: who owns the city and who decides what happens to it? 

The organisation invited three artists to work in the public space of Amsterdam-Noord, where space is being claimed by groups, who would normally be in the background. In a culture where monuments are the exclusive domain of 'big white men', the Turkish artist Suat Ögut erected a statue for (worker)migrants: The First Turk Immigrant or The Nameless Heroes of The Revolution. The works of artists Wafae el Keriasti and Walid Siti are a tribute to all the women who receive little appreciation in society.

Join an inspiring programme with walking tours, stories, lectures, and performances and discover the artworks in public space.

You can take a guided tour with Framer Framed in Amsterdam-Noord or listen to a special audio tour by Chris Keulemans after the festival - he illustrates the developments in Amsterdam-Noord by highlighting artworks which have disappeared.

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Saturday 23 June

15:00 - 17:00

BUITEN voor Framer Framed (IJpromenade 2, Amsterdam)

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