Ruimte voor een inclusieve stad

Urban Conference

Wat zijn de condities om dit te laten slagen?

A conference on creating space in which meaningful connections can arise between refugees and locals, organised by Refugee Academy and BOOST Transvaal in collaboration with WeMakeThe.City.

• Halleh Ghorashi, professor Diversity and Integration at Sociology at Vrije Universiteit
• Sennay Ghebreab, professor neuroinformatics at Amsterdam University College and member of Stichting Civic
• Ramon Schleijpen, initiator BOOST
• Elena Ponzoni, researcher Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and coordinator Refugee Academy

This conference is free of charge. You can sign up here.

Image: BOOST © Reinier Gerritsen

Friday 22 June

15:00 - 18:00

BOOST Transvaal (Danie Theronstraat 2, Amsterdam Oost)

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Sprekers op deze conferentie

Elena Ponzoni
Ramon Schleijpen
Sennay Ghebreab
Halleh Ghorashi