Canal Tour Rederij Lampedusa

Urban Expedition

A boat trip through the canals with a focus on the migration history of Amsterdam

This event is in English

Rederij Lampedusa – a collective with members from Egypt, Eritrea, the Netherlands, Syria and Sudan. They organize alternative tours and cruises in and around Amsterdam. 

On Sunday 24th of June you can join them on a alternative Canal Tour, in which they focus on the role migrants have played in the making of Amsterdam. The open and tolerant character of the city have shaped her into the international hotspot it is today. The cruise guides tell you the hidden history of Amsterdam through the eyes of its immigrants and outsiders, including their personal migration story.. 

Their mission is to use the traditional Dutch love of sailing as a way to meet others, teach them about how important immigration has been in Amsterdam's past, and integrate ourselves in Dutch culture. 

Come sail with them and learn about how immigration has shaped the city!

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The boat departs from Mediamatic (Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam)

Sunday 24 June

11:00 - 13:00

Mediamatic (Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam Centrum)

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