Do it yourself

Open House

Kweek groenten, maak papier, wek energie op

The NatuurMediatheek of ANMEC is for everyone who wants to organize activities for young people about nature and sustainability. Today you can join us:

- Making your own paper from old paper.

- Doing experiments with our sun-eating robot Solly and his friend Letty.

- Become a city farmer: sow your own vegetables and take them home to continue growing.

- View and draw our collection of stuffed animals.

Can you use some help with your project?

We will talk about Nature and Sustainability education in the city with everyone who likes it. What do you think is important? And what is your project? Can we help you?

Take a look around in our collection of educational tools, including stuffed Amsterdam animals and lots of great ideas for outdoor activities. For example with your neighborhood initiative, school or out-of-school care.


Photo: Elena Francissen

Sunday 24 June

13:30 - 16:00

ANMEC NatuurMediatheek (Plantage Middenlaan 2E, Amsterdam)

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