De tuinen van Bloei & Groei

Open House

Een groene omgeving waar veerkrachtige vrouwen tot bloei komen

Come by and participate in a guided tour by their garden coach and learn about the community, healing and the food farden of Bloei & Groei (Bloom & Grow) in Venserpolder. 

How do you use city agriculture to find questions to social challenges. Bloei & Groei believes in the nature as source of a resilient city and as an inspiration for a green environment. Together with women from the neighbourhood, Bloei & Groei creates an green oasis in the city. 

Join up for the tour on Saturday 23 june and taste the homemade elderflower juice, herb tea, and learn about the local community. 

This event is free to visit.

Image: Bloei & Groei © Farif Doest. Courtesy of Bloei & Groei.

Saturday 23 June

10:30 - 13:30

Bloei & Groei (Albert Camuslaan 38, Amsterdam Zuidoost)

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