Printen met afgedankt plastic

Open House

3D printen van kunst en meubels uit gerecycled plastic

Plastic waste is causing major problems for people and nature worldwide. Fortunately, there is more and more attention for the separate collection of plastic waste. Still, too little of this waste is actually turned into new useful, high value products. In the Netherlands we convert plastic waste on-demand into unique, high-quality and affordable objects such as furniture and parts for the local industry.

At vanPlestik they have developed and built a 3D printer that uses plastic waste as a raw material. In this way they make the local recycling of plastic possible. Curious how? On June 23th you can go and discover it yourself at their workplace.

This open house is free of charge.

Image: vanPlestik © Sam van Til. Courtesy of vanPlestik.

Saturday 23 June

10:00 - 16:00

vanPlestik (Hamerstraat 2, Amsterdam Noord)

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