Sustainability in Fashion

Sustainability in fashion

The fashion industry leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to sustainability. The multidisciplinary event We Make M-ODE, organised by Stichting M-ODE, offers an insight into the possibilities – through fashion shows and other fashionable activities. You can visit them during WeMakeThe.City for inspiration on how to make and enjoy innovative and sustainable fashion.

WOW Fashion Inside Out

Over the weekend, you can visit a dazzling, futuristic and sustainable fashion spectacle on the Bos en Lommerplein, offering a fashion show, workshops, and other fashion-related activities.

Read more on Wow Fashion Inside Out on Sunday June 24.

Designer Pop-Up Shop

And in VondelCS a Pop-Up Shop will open its doors, with sustainable designer labels, an exhibition, a masterclass, a documentary on Frank Govers and a show customising the legendary designer’s most iconic looks with textile waste from Kings Day.

Read more on the Designer Pop-Up Shop on June 23 and 24.

We Make M-ODE – The Future for Fashion Event

On the grounds of Westergasfabriek, several contemporary fashion designers will present their new collection over the course of four days. Bas Koster will create clothes on the spot, from a huge pile of textile waste. Sophie Roumans and the duo Yasmina Ajbilou and Lynn Kate Rosdorff are also into recycling, as are  LEBL + Lhana Marlet. Judith van Vliet x Amber Ambrose Aurèle create sustainable fashion bordering on art, with a great eye for detail, just like fashion colleague Merel van Glabbeek. 

Overview events on the grounds of Westergas:

20 – 23 June
Machinegebouw (Westergasfabriek)

Bas Kosters & Team
– The making of a new collection by Bas Kosters Studio, using a huge pile of textile waste collected in Amsterdam.
– Pop Up Atelier (open daily & free of charge).

21 – 23 juni 
Zuiveringshal (Westergasfabriek)

Hacked By_
– Private viewings Hacked By_

21 June at 6 and 8 pm ( invitation only)

Fashion shows:

21 June at 1 pm
Merel van Glabbeek

21 June at 4 pm
Ajbilou Rosdorff

22 June at 2 pm
Judith van Vliet X Amber Ambrose Aurèle 

22 June at 5 pm

22 June at 8.30 pm
INEEn by Leon Blok X Lhana Marlet

23 June at 8.30 pm
Bas Kosters Studio

The events will come to an end with a sustainable fashion market on Sunday, at circular festival location CIRCL at the Zuidas.