Friday at WeMakeThe.City

Friday is all about the developing city! On all kinds of levels and in every possible way, in- and outdoors and even beyond the city frontiers. 

At the Urban Conference Making Places in Pakhuis de Zwijger experts, in theory, and practice, gather to talk about area development. The meeting will later that day lead to co-creation sessions, city expeditions, placemaking games and workshops in 18 area meetups. The latter will take visitors on a journey into the very capillaries of the city and its region, showing how Amsterdam and surroundings are developing. Most of them are in Dutch but the tour to Plein ’40-’45 will be partly in English.

If you want to stay outside, you can visit the Fruittuin in West (Fruitgarden in West) to literally and figuratively reap the fruits of circular entrepreneurship and communal agriculture. Or you can watch sustainable technology at work at the Solar Boat Race.

Inclusion is key when developing a city – that’s the subject of the Urban Conference Ruimte voor een inclusieve stad (Space for an inclusive city): anyone can join in at bottom-up movement Boost Transvaal.

And artists, the traditional flag bearers for developments, will show what inclusion (or the lack thereof) looks like in practice: at the Tolhuistuin the exhibition Transvaalkinderen will open, about children bridging gaps between cultures. And theatremakers and amateurs will reflect on Amsterdam in the performance Changing Portraits.

You can find the whole programme on Friday, June 22, here.