Kristiaan Borret

Kristiaan Borret is an urban designer and teaches Architecture and Design at different Belgian universities. Until 2014 he was Antwerp’s Government Architect. He participated in interdisciplinary research on contemporary transformations of the city and public space and contributed to various urban design projects in Belgium, Netherlands, and France. He is the supervisor Oostenburg for the City of Amsterdam

After his studies, he worked as an urban designer for the project team Urban Design at the KU Leuven. Since 1996 he’s part of the department Architecture and Urban Design of the Ghent University and in 2005 he started teaching at the UGent and joined the Ghent Urban Studies Team. He was the Head of Department Spatial Planning at Technum and became Antwerp’s Government Architect in 2006.

He was awarded the biennial Award by the Flemish Community for Architecture and Design.

Borret is dean of the Faculty Design Sciences at the University of Antwerp and board member of the Flemish Architectural Institute and architecture magazine A+. Hij publishes in journals on a regular basis and is the co-author of, among others, ‘Homeward. Contemporary Architecture in Flanders’ (1998) and ‘The Urban Condition: Space, Community, and Self in the Contemporary Metropolis’ (1999).

He is a member of the International Scientific Committee of Europan and of the Cercle de Qualité for the project of Ile de Nantes (France).

Kristiaan Borret is a speaker at the conference Up Close and Liveable on Friday, 22 June.