Wednesday at WeMakeThe.City

Tomorrow, WeMakeThe. City will finally start! Up and until Sunday there will be numerous inspiring programmes reflecting on how we can make Metropolitan Region Amsterdam a better place. The good thing is, that these programmes immediately have a positive effect on the city and the region. People from all city districts and the regional cities will get together, engage in conversation with each other, and will create great things.

Wednesday will be about important questions like: ‘How do we make a new city in these challenging times?’ and ‘How can we involve everybody?’. To answer these questions, different conferences are organised. Professionals from all over the world share their insights, knowledge, and expertise. And there will be plenty of other fun activities and inspiring sessions.

In the morning you can join the English-spoken tour through Amsterdam-Noord (North): the Living Lab North Tour. A little less than five years ago, many considered the north of Amsterdam a remote and forgotten part of the city located on the other side of the IJ river. Today, Amsterdam-Noord is a thriving hub of creativity, experimentation, and urban innovation. Join the expedition starting at Ferrotopia on the NDSM-wharf, the tour takes you along MX3D, Circular Buiksloterham, and De Ceuvel, finishing at the A’DAM Tower at Overhoeks.

Fashion and challenges
Also taking place during WeMakeThe. City, is the multidisciplinary fashion event ‘We Make M-ODE’, connecting Amsterdam and its citizens through innovative and sustainable visions on fashion. It consists of various events: from Wednesday up and until Friday, Dutch designer Bas Kosters will create, on the spot, a new collection from Amsterdam clothing waste – he will show the results at the sustainable fashion show ‘Waste to Want’ on Saturday. Check the website for more ‘We Make M-ODE’ fashion programmes.

In the afternoon it is all about collaboration during the conference ‘Together’ in Pakhuis de Zwijger. Cities are facing tough challenges such as the growing population, the downside of tourism and climate change. The history of Amsterdam has been a fertile soil for collaboration – now widely known as The Amsterdam Approach – which proves to be essential when addressing the urban issues of today and tomorrow.

Celebrating the city
WeMakeThe. City is celebrating urban life and the beautiful things which are making the city better. During the Opening Night, Kate Raworth, Toni Griffin, Francesca Bria, Gabriella Gómez-Mont, Aisha Bin Bishr, and others will try and find answers to the key questions of the festival: What kind of city do we want to live in – in five, ten or fifteen years: How do we make our city more inclusive, sustainable, affordable, safe and wealthy? Together with you and many others, we will search for the best answers.

Of course, there is plenty more to do. The exhibition ‘Modellenbureau’ (Modelling Agency) at ARCAM showcases several models made by architectural agencies on an eight-meter-long autoCADwalk. You can pick greens and fruit at garden Lokale Bloemetjes (Local Flowers) in the Tuinen van West (Gardens in West) or admire pictures taken in Amsterdam Noord by photographer Rufus de Vries – the exhibition ‘Buurtbanden’ (‘Neighbourhood ties’) exposes the physical appearances of the area as well as the bonds between locals.

A day for celebrating the city! Check WeMakeThe.City for the whole programme.